SIR20216 Certificate II in Retail Services

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This qualification provides the skills and knowledge for an individual to be competent in a range of activities and functions requiring basic retail operational knowledge and limited practical skills in a defined context.

Work would be undertaken in various retail store settings, such as specialty stores, supermarkets, department stores and retail outlets. Individuals may work with some autonomy or in a team but usually under close supervision.

Job Roles

Individuals with this qualification are able to perform roles, such as:
• provide product and service advice in a retail store
• sell products and services in a variety of retail settings
• work as a checkout operator
• check stock and replenish shelves, and
• organise and maintain work areas and displays.
• Carry out specific responsibilities, such as merchandising.


VET in Schools (VETiS)  Certificate II qualifications delivered outside of school based apprenticeship and traineeship pathways may be funded to support local employment opportunities based on an industry proposal.

User Choice
The User Choice Program provides funding contributions to train eligible apprentices and trainees employed in Queensland.

Student co-contribution fees for this funding model is set at $1.60 PER NOMINAL HOUR.  The co-contribution fees amount will vary based on electives selection. For further information regarding course program and fess, contact us at

Eligibility requirements apply, please contact us if required.

Possible Job Titles

• sales assistant, and
• customer service assistant


This certificate course is part of the Retail services Training Package



SIRXCEG001Engage the customer
SIRXCOM001Communicate in the workplace to support team and customer outcomes
SIRXIND001Work effectively in a service environment
SIRXIND003Organise personal work requirements
SIRXPDK001Advise on products and services
SIRXRSK001Identify and respond to security risks
SIRXWHS002Contribute to workplace health and safety


SIRRFSA001 (FS)Handle food safely in a retail environment
SIRRINV001 (INV)Receive and handle retail stock
SIRRMER002 (MER)Merchandise food products
SIRXPDK002 (PDK)Advise on food products and services
SIRXSLS002 (SLS)Follow point-of-sale procedures