Why Choose Cornzal

Welcome. Cornzal is a truly unequalled institution. We are not about tradition or legacy. We are building our own, together with you, and working in partnership with our First Nations peoples, our communities, industries, government and global partners. We are about creating and cementing our shared traditions with wider society. We think differently. We do differently. We are not afraid to challenge conventions and look for better ways. We care about our people as individuals. We value inclusivity and diversity, and we understand that together we can create a supportive learning environment where everyone grows their knowledge, connects with others and industry, and develops valuable lifelong skills, including employability and enterprise skills to help you achieve your goals and secure the career of your dreams. Our further goal for our students is that they can become learned citizens of the world, global citizens who take an active role in what they can give to the world, rather than what they can take. We are about addressing the needs to deliver a skilled workforce all across Australia and globally.

We are not your typical Registered Training Organisation (RTO). Our multi-campus, dual-sector, virtual and online expertise, growing course profile and multiple delivery methods and sites ensures that we reach a diverse footprint from the capital cities of Brisbane, Sydney and Perth, to regional hubs and remote locations and on country, in the community, working with the community and for the community. We have a very clear road map to building a bigger, better, and stronger, resilient RTO, valuing and empowering our people to make a difference, for you to make a difference. Backed by a model that delivers nationally recognised training, coupled with our innovative, impactful, personally tailored education and training programs, Cornzal is in the enviable position of helping you contribute to the labour market and future opportunities of Australia and our global friends.

Vision, Values and Culture

At Cornzal, we have a passion and a vision to help others shape their future, a brighter future, where opportunities abound and individuals are only limited by their own imagination and commitment to self-development.

Our Vision

Our vision is to lead from the front every time in the vocational education and training sector, delivering practical, job-ready, job focused education and training critical in supporting and strengthening our local communities, our friends and collaborators and the national labour market to meet the current and future needs of our great Nation.

Our Values

At Cornzal, we are committed to using our skills, knowledge and extensive resources to help shape a brighter future – your future, and we intend on becoming outstanding achievers across all areas of our endeavours – teaching and learning, industry engagement, leadership and management and internationalisation.


We are all about bringing people together, and our collective efforts and beliefs, built on a strong commitment to social justice, sustainability, creativity, inclusivity and diversity, and with our people at the centre of everything, will help us shape a brighter future and equality of opportunity for all.

Mission Statement

At Cornzal, we’re dedicated to building new traditions and redefining education, while working in partnership with First Nations peoples, communities, industries, and global partners. Our unique approach challenges conventions and fosters innovation. We prioritise inclusivity, diversity, and the growth of individuals. We provide a supportive learning environment where knowledge is expanded, connections are made, and valuable lifelong skills are developed.

Our ultimate mission is to cultivate global citizens who actively contribute to the world, rather than just taking from it, and to deliver a skilled workforce not only in Australia but also worldwide.

But what really sets us apart is our unique and flexible approach. With our multi-campus, dual-sector, virtual, and online study options, we are able to ensure access to education for all – from bustling cities to remote locations. Our roadmap is clear: to become a bigger, better, and stronger RTO that empowers our people and students to create meaningful change. With nationally recognised training and personalised education programs, Cornzal is poised to help you excel in the labour market and seize future opportunities.