Cornzal Workforce Development has a proud 15 year history developing innovative workforce training solutions to suit individual business needs



Mission Statement

To develop a skilled workforce by delivering innovative blended training.

As a training organisation, Cornzal Workforce Development is committed to providing the highest quality and standard of industry-relevant skills instruction and teaching to all of its students. With the aim of ensuring that each of its graduates will be prepared to get immediately engaged in and become part of Australia’s workforce as soon as they finish their training, the organisation will diligently make sure that all of its classes and learning experiences will directly reflect and impart to each of its students all of the necessary knowledge and practical skills which they will be required to perform in the actual field and setting of the country’s real-world workplace environment.


Vision Statement

Transforming individuals, solutions for business

As an organisation founded by real people who are directly and actively engaged in Australia’s current professional landscape, Cornzal Workforce Development ultimately seeks to raise the industry standards for delivering Vocational and Educational Training to students. In light of this vision, the organisation will vigorously strive to provide open access to a higher quality of skills instruction to all learners with the goal of filling in the significant gap in knowledge and understanding which is present and prevalent in the country’s existing population and workforce.


Our Values

Respect: To empathize with all internal and external stakeholders.
Accountability: To take ownership at all times.
Innovation: To embed innovation in servicing customer needs.

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