Cornzal has developed significant relationships with several key industry sectors including health, retail, small business, hospitality and tourism, transport and security, property management and cleaning operations, medical and allied health, and Queensland government. Cornzal understands the importance of working closely with employers and employees to ensure that our graduates are equipped with the necessary employability skills; the essential skills, personal qualities and values that enable our students to thrive in any workplace, to meet the employers needs and the demands of the job. At Cornzal, we guarantee our students are the real deal. Not only are their technical skills top notch, but they are also motivated, confident with taking initiative and their communication skills are well developed. Our students are problem solvers, organised and capable of using workplace technology.

Meet Some of Our Partners

Our speciality is supporting our partners across all industries to build a skilled workforce, capable of meeting current and emerging needs. We pride ourselves on providing individualised training, education services, and support for employers and employees to gain a competitive advantage through effective training. This is the key to developing staff who know and understand their responsibilities and are keen to further develop their abilities. Training fosters a stronger commitment and loyalty from employees to employers who appreciate the time, money, and effort a business has invested in their development. Reach out now and let us help you.