Student Support Services

Cornzal Pty Ltd (Cornzal) is committed to providing equity and to eliminating discrimination against students in vocational education and training.  People with language, literacy, numeracy and technology issues, a disability and/or people from a non-English speaking background are encouraged to pursue their vocational education and training goals through enrolment at DP Training.

 All students of Cornzal are treated as individuals and offered advice and support services to achieve their goals.   If you are experiencing difficulties for personal or study related reasons, you should first direct your concerns to your trainer, where appropriate, or to the Cornzal Student Support Services Staff. Where study-related issues are involved, the trainer will assess the situation and provide you with support and guidance. Where the matter is beyond the scope of Cornzal’s Leadership Team, Cornzal will recommend a fully qualified and professional counselling service through Cornzal Student Services (email us for more information –

Cornzal Student Services is a ‘one-stop-shop’ to support all of our students and has an office on campus at the Boundary Street Campus, Level 1, 433 Boundary Street, Brisbane, or email at The service provides assistance in the following areas: 

  • Academic matters and career pathways
  • Disability services 
  • Learning advisors
  • Counselling 
  • Making new friends and settling into a study routine
  • Dealing with homesickness and adjusting to life in Australia
  • Setting up a bank account in Australia
  • Faith and spirituality
  • International student support (medical, travel, Student Visa conditions including attendance, academic course progress, financial responsibilities and employment conditions and restrictions)
  • How to navigate public transportation
  • Finding accommodation 

There are many accommodation options available for students including designated student accommodation, homestay options and private rentals. Please refer to your Student Accommodation for further information.

The DP Training library is located at the Brisbane Campus, Level 1, 433 Boundary Street, Brisbane The Library has study spaces, breakout areas that can be reserved for group activities, computers and an extensive collection of academic journals and textbooks as well as recreational reading materials. Access the Cornzal website for more information and library opening hours. 

Cornzal recruits students at all times in an ethical and responsible manner and consistent with the requirements of the curriculum or National Training Package. We recruit those students who meet the requirements of the program entry under our accreditation arrangements other than in special circumstances, which are decided on the merit of the application. 

All Cornzal standards, policies and procedures are appropriately addressed in all aspects of a program’s implementation. Emphasis is given to: 

  • developing resources and strategies which are inclusive 
  • using language that is both appropriate to the abilities of the participants and the outcomes of the unit 
  • ensuring equitable access to facilities and resources
  • using modified procedures, provisions and/or equipment to ensure equity and compliance with necessary workplace health and safety requirements.

Cornzal recognises that all vocational training includes language, literacy, and numeracy tasks. 

Upon enrolment, Cornzal will arrange for all students to undertake an assessment of their current skill level in maths and English. This will be done using the Basic Key Skills Builder (BKSB) which is an online tool. In some circumstances this is conducted in person to ensure that students meet all of the mandatory entry requirements. Cornzal gathers this information so we can give you the best possible support during your studies. 

All Cornzal trainers and assessors provide: 

  • materials, resources and assessment tools and tasks that do not require students to have language, literacy, and numeracy skills of more complexity than those used in the workplace for the competencies being taught/assessed 
  • clear models of the language/literacy/numeracy task 
  • opportunities for repeated and supported practice 
  • opportunities for independent practice. 

*** Cornzal provides language, literacy, and numeracy support if any students require additional practice and training. 

Students will be provided with reasonable adjustments wherever possible and where reasonable adjustments will not cause unjustifiable hardship to Cornzal. An adjustment is reasonable if it meets the needs of the student with a disability or special circumstances without impacting on other students or staff at Cornzal. To determine if an adjustment is reasonable, the following must be considered: 

  • the student’s disability and/or any barriers or challenges that affect that student 
  • the views of the student (or the student’s advocate) about the potential adjustments required 
  • whether the adjustment will impact on the academic standards or requirements of the training package 
  • what advantages or disadvantages the adjustments may create for the people affected by it 
  • the costs and benefits of making the adjustment. 

For more information on reasonable adjustment see here.

Any student with a disability who may require alternative arrangements can seek advice at the start of enrolment from a disability advisor at Student Support Services. For example, special arrangements with assessment can be made for students with disabilities. Refer to the Cornzal policy on Student Disability.

If you have a grievance or enquiry relating to discrimination, harassment, or bullying, you can contact a discrimination and harassment contact officer (DHCO), who can provide information about Cornzal policies and procedures and support services available to students. More information can be found under Other Resources on the Cornzal website.

The Cornzal Coffee & Conversation Network is an award-worthy program that provides a visible network of well-informed staff who create a safe, welcoming, and inclusive space for LGBTIAQ+ students at Cornzal and in the broader community. 

To find a 3C Ally, or to find out more about the program, look for staff with the rainbow badge, rainbow posters around all Cornzal campuses or visit the Cornzal website.

The Cornzal Guide to Inclusive Language provides information on how to apply inclusive language in the study environment. Students can access the guide on the inclusive language website. For more on learning support click here.

Our Campuses are fully equipped with quality teaching, training, and learning resources. Our Individual Support and Community Services Students enjoy access to a fully operational Treatment Room that replicates a Nursing facility stocked with cutting edge technology, equipment, and nursing resources. Our offsite facilities and arrangements with industry partners include a commercial kitchen space, security monitoring and surveillance equipment, retail environment and more. We pride ourselves on providing an authentic ‘real world’ experience to all students.